Sports Psychology

Sport Psychology in Vaughan

Robert Beer provides Sports Psychology services @ Sporting Edge Physiotherapy in Vaughan through his company Mindset First: Mental Performance Consultancy. At Mindset First we look to develop the mental skills of athletes and aid in their achievement of elite performance and reaching beyond imaginable goals. Psychological barriers are part of everyday life, however, being an athlete, it seems that we are faced with multiple barriers simultaneously and continuously.

At Mindset First we break these barriers by establishing the mindset that nothing is impossible! Sports Psychology provides athletes with the necessary tools and skills to allow the body to perform at the level at which the mind desires. At Mindset First we strongly believe that “The Mindset Always Wins!”.

At Mindset First we offer both one on one sessions as well as group presentations/seminars for both athletes and individuals who are simply looking to better themselves. One on one sessions are specifically tailored to the client and their needs. On the other
hand, group sessions cover topics such as imagery/visualization, breathing/relaxation, goal-setting, emotional regulation, cue
words, focus training/development, motivation, performing under pressure and many more.

The role of a Sport Psychologist in Vaughan is to help athletes perform consistently at their optimal level. I do this through helping them overcome psychological barriers when competing. Some of these barriers include fear, doubt, hesitation, low self confidence, poor self talk, and one of the biggest one being performance anxiety. I also help injured athletes overcome their challenges so they can return to sport at their peak level! The overall goal is to allow the athletes to perform at their highest levels under any circumstance and any type of pressure!


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