Quick Plyometric workout

Quick Plyometric workout

 Jumping technique

Start in a ski jumping position with your knees shoulder width apart, your butt back so your knees do not pass your toes. Your torso is up right and your core is engaged. Use your arms to help you explode off the ground aim for height rather than for distance. When landing you should land toes to heels sinking your butt back behind you into a squat like position.  Make sure your knees are not collapsing inward and your feet are facing forward (slightly turned out) and are shoulder width apart.

*First practice a few vertical jumps to make sure you have good technique. If a mirror is available try and use it for feedback.

1.Forward and backwards jumps

For 30 seconds Hop forward two jumps and backwards for two jumps.

2. Side to side jumps

For 30 seconds jump two jumps to the left and then two jumps to the right. Make sure you are aiming for height rather than distance covered.  Try and avoid a shuffle if possible.

3. 180º Jumps 

For 30 seconds Rotate 180 degrees  switch direction each time.

4. Single leg hops

Create a 4 corner grid (with your imagination or with tape) starting with your right leg jump from corner to corner for 30 seconds. Try and maintain an up right position and

**Try and complete 3-5 Sets of this jumping circuit


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