Back Pain Treatment in Woodbridge

Back Pain Treatment in Woodbridge Ontario

Back injuries result from damage, wear, or trauma to the bones, muscles, or other tissues of the back. Common back injuries include sprains and strains, herniated disks, and fractured vertebrae. The lumbar spine (bottom 5 segments of the spine) is often the site of back pain. The area is susceptible because of its flexibility and the amount of body weight it regularly bears.

At Sporting Edge Physiotherapy we have superior experience helping patients with back pain treatment in Woodbridge.  Click here to contact us to arrange an appointment to come see us about your back pain.

On your first visit to Sporting Edge Physiotherapy, your current physical function will be assessed and evaluated during a 60 minute session with one of our staff physiotherapists.

How do you get low back pain?

Low-back pain is often the result of incorrect lifting methods and posture. Repetitive lifting, bending, and twisting motions of the torso affect both the degree of severity and frequency of low-back pain. Inactivity increases an individuals susceptibility to acquire a back injury because a week core, and tight hamstrings.

Sporting Edge Physiotherapy Back Pain Treatment in Woodbridge – Our Approach

We would use a combination of hands treatment to help restore joint range of motion, muscle function, nerve mobility and to reduce pain. Treatment techniques may include joint mobilization or manipulation and soft tissue mobilization techniques. A comprehensive manual physiotherapy approach always involves biomechanical analysis and exercise prescription to augment/maintain the gains made in treatment. The exercise prescription for the treatment of low back pain would focus on building the foundation or core musculature. This is only the beginning, as we would progress to building your strength for activities of daily living through gentle body weight and ball strengthening activities, and then finally progress to more difficult plyometric exercises to get you back to your sport or activity of choice.

The goal is not to give you the back you had before that caused you to get into this pain situation but to make you healthier and stronger so this does not happen again.

Click here to contact us to arrange an appointment to come see us about your back pain.

Woodbridge is a very large community located within the City of Vaughan, Ontario. Woodbridge was once an independent town and its traditional downtown core is Woodbridge Avenue stretching between Islington Ave. and Kipling Ave. Woodbridge is regarded as a very affluent area to live and has many high end shops and restaurants.

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