Personal Training in Woodbridge

Personal Training in Woodbridge

Exercise is an important aspect of general health and has been shown to improve mood, heart health and diabetes control. Exercise also reduces the risk of some cancers, osteoporosis and prevents obesity. Exercising is also a way to re-centre your body after an injury, or to help with arthritis or other muscle/joint problems.

Sporting Edge Physiotherapy provides personal training in Vaughan. Our physiotherapists will prescribe different types of exercises to suit your needs.

At Sporting Edge, our staff physiotherapists will prescribe different types of personal training exercises depending on your needs. Some types are remedial and are designed to improve your flexibility, posture and strength. Others are focused on restoring natural muscle-use patterns, or to better manage uncomfortable or painful symptoms. Your physiotherapist will discuss your exercise schedule with you.

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Woodbridge is a very large community located within the City of Vaughan, Ontario. Sporting Edge Physiotherapy offers personal training in Woodbridge Ontario. Woodbridge was once an independent town and its traditional downtown core is Woodbridge Avenue stretching between Islington Ave. and Kipling Ave. Woodbridge is regarded as a very affluent area to live and has many high end shops and restaurants.


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