Physiotherapist in Thornhill

Are you looking for a Physiotherapist in Thornhill Ontario?

Physiotherapist in Thornhill at Sporting Edge Physiotherapy has a number of physiotherapists on staff and is located in Vaughan Ontario. Sporting Edge Physiotherapy was founded by Matthew Wright and Marco Visconti in 2014.

At Sporting Edge Physiotherapy we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of world class athletes (NCAA, OHL, AHL, Canadian National Team, Serie A, Crossfit Games) as well paediatric, geriatric, and Post-Natal Populations.

Sporting Edge Physiotherapy offers physiotherapy services including manual therapy, IMS, exercise therapy, personal training and medical acupuncture. We treat a lot of patients with Cross Fit injuries and work with athletes with injuries from many different sports.

Marco believes that combining progressive injury specific exercises with manual therapy and intramuscular acupuncture is the best combination to help his clients achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Matt works closely with his patients to develop effective treatment plans that are specific to their goals using biomechanical analysis and an extensive sporting background. His philosophy is not to remove you from the sport that you love, but to modify activity and exercise to get you back faster and better then before. He has a keen interest in baseball, hockey, and volleyball as well as their respective injuries having spent a majority of his life playing competitively in these sports. Matt is also an active member at Crossbones CrossFit and part of the Crossbones Health Alliance.

You can always contact the physiotherapist in Thornhill professionals at Sporting Edge Physiotherapy by clicking here and they will be more than happy to help answer any physiotherapy question you may have.

Thornhill is a suburban centre in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Southern Ontario, located by Vaughan Ontario. Thornhill is a community that is quite affluent and is located immediately south of Richmond Hill. Sporting Edge Physiotherapy is a physiotherapist in Thornhill and has many physiotherapy patients who come from Thornhill to their physiotherapy clinic in Vaughan, Ontario.

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