Shoulder pain

Our client receiving acupuncture for neck and shoulder pain.

My shoulder hurts, is it coming from my neck ?

It’s common for people to experience both neck and shoulder “shneck” pain, or shoulder and neck pain. We tend to see alot of people coming in complaining of both.

Why do you feel shoulder pain if you have a neck injury?

There are several nerves that begin in your neck and run through your arm. If you injure a nerve in your neck, pain may radiate to your shoulder and even down your arm. This type of pain is called referred pain, which is pain felt in a body part other than the original source—in this case, pain originating in the neck is felt in the shoulder.

By choosing experienced manual therapists as your Physiotherapists we will be able to distinguish where the pain is coming from and how to best relieve it!

Some of the conditions we see are :

1) Cervical radiculopathy, or a pinched nerve, which occurs in your neck and sometimes pain spreads into your shoulder.

2) An injury to the brachial plexus which can produce shoulder pain. The brachial plexus refers to a group of nerves that begin in your neck and run through your arm.

3) Thoracic outlet syndrome which is a condition that occurs between your first rib and your collarbone. This condition can cause both neck and shoulder pain

Our goal is to analyze your movements of both neck and shoulder to determine which is at fault and then develop a comprehensive program of exercise and manual therapy.

Make us your first option in Vaughan & see why our community recommends us!

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