Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is what we do.

We are always asked “What sets you apart from other Physiotherapists in your area?”.

The answer is simple. We go a step above to train you specifically for returning back to your sport. This includes:

  1. sport specific drills
  2. running and jumping analysis
  3. sport specific strengthening and stretching
  4. progression of all these based on where you currently stand.

We do not stop our intervention when you say “I feel better I think I can go back to my sport”. We guide our athletes in a safe manner back to sports by progressing training intensities for optimal adaptation.

Sports Physiotherapy is all about enhancing an athlete’s performance. We do this in our gym space which contains:

  1. gymnastics rings
  2. bosu balls
  3. balance and stability trainers
  4. trampolines
  5. squat racks
  6. elastic resistance
  7. weighted balls
  8. soccer balls
  9. stability balls
  10. wobble boards
  11. wrist and elbow resistance devices
  12. olympic bars
  13. kettlebells
  14. stationary bikes
  15. skipping ropes
  16. dumbbells

As a sports Physiotherapy clinic in Vaughan our skill set includes

  • athletic taping
  • functional return to sport specific training
  • sports massage
  • educating our clients what areas of the body need improvement before return to sports.

From Crossfit to soccer to baseball to basketball to hockey to mixed martial arts we know where you need to be and how to get you there. We perform an in-depth analysis on all your joints for mobility and strength and establish limiting factors to returning to sports. Limiting factors become our goals to improve.

Sports Physiotherapy can also be used in a preventative manner to prevent injury where we ensure the athlete is training properly for a competition or sporting event so as not to injure themselves.

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