Concussion Management in Vaughan

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs due to the brain being shaken inside the skull. When sustaining a concussion, there are four other parts besides the brain that can be affected. These may include your inner ears, neck, eyes and all of the connections between them. It is very common for those who have a concussion to not lose consciousness. Symptoms of a concussion can either be subtle or severe. If you believe you have a concussion the follow symptoms may be present: dizziness, poor balance/coordination, visual problems, sensitivity to light or noises and headaches.

It is important to keep in mind that every concussion is different and recovery time can vary in length. In order to combat, manage, and treat concussions effectively, it is necessary to recognize the injury early, educate the client/athlete, have an objective clinical evaluation, provide sound evidence-based treatment practices, and have a treatment plan for return to play or return to daily activities.

Concussions are not something to be afraid of or an injury to hide. 15-20% of individuals experience post concussion syndrome for months post injury, simply due to the reason of not receiving proper treatment and diagnosis of the injury that has occurred.

At Sporting Edge Physiotherapy in Vaughan, we pride ourselves on delivering best evidence practices to combat concussions as well as many other injuries.

At Sporting Edge Physiotherapy, our clinicians aid in the treatment of concussions using vestibular-ocular therapy, exercise guidance/prescription, and cervical spine rehabilitation to aid in the recovery of your concussion.

Call us at 905-417-4646 or come in to visit our clinic located at 3611 Major Mackenzie Drive West, Unit #4 to book your initial assessment with our clinicians.


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