Sport Performance Needs Rotation

Watch any sport performance closely and you will notice that most, if not all, of these activities have a prominent rotational component. LETS EMPHASIZE SPORTS PERFORMANCE NEEDS ROTATION! Thus we need to TRAIN THE BODY IN ROTATION !!

Ironically, when we look at many strength and conditioning programs for athletes, they never train in the transverse (rotational) plane, which may be one of the reasons we see so many oblique strains and groin pulls. Squats, presses, deadlifts, etc., are all sagittal (front/back) plane movements. If we don’t prepare athletes for the demands of their sport, we can’t be surprised when they break down and/or don’t perform at their best.

Keep in mind that our muscles are slaves to our nervous system and muscles work together in what are called “force couples”.

At Sporting Edge Physiotherapy in Vaughan we look beyond your simple gym exercises in 1 plane of movement and train connecting force couples such as the Anterior Oblique Subsystem (Adductor/Groin muscles & opposite side External Obliques/Side core muscles. When creating or controlling rotation, if the workload is not shared across these
muscle groups together, one will become overloaded and lead to breakdown, which becomes one of the all too common groin pulls or oblique strains.

Unfortunately this issue is worsened when in rehab the focus is on isolated strength in the affected area, where the origin of the issue may reside in the accompanying muscle group on the opposite side of the body.

Being SFMA certified we can diagnose your movement dysfunction to figure out why you are getting pain when playing the sport and where the culprit lies. This dysfunction can be a motor control issue or mobility issue where we then use specific mobilisations of the tissue or joint or exercises to improve. Our Physiotherapists in Vaughan can prescribe you the right exercises to help you get back to sport & perform your BEST !

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