Squat needs improvement? Work on that Ankle Mobility!

Sporting Edge Physiotherapy Services offered in Vaughan Ontario.

Want to Improve Your Squat? Work on That Ankle Mobility! “How do I increase the depth of my squat?” The squat is not only an extremely effective, full-body exercise (if done correctly) but also a valuable tool in determining dysfunction (tight muscles, imbalances, compensations, etc.) In order to squat well …

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Dry Needling Benefits

Benefits of Dry Needling for Muscle Activation What is Dry Needling? Dry needling involves inserting a very thin needle through the skin to stimulate a trigger point. It can release tight muscle bands or “knots” within a muscle that can cause pain over a large area. Sometimes these trigger points can …

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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is what we do. We are always asked “What sets you apart from other Physiotherapists in your area?”. The answer is simple. We go a step above to train you specifically for returning back to your sport. This includes: sport specific drills running and jumping analysis sport specific …

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