Squat needs improvement? Work on that Ankle Mobility!

Sporting Edge Physiotherapy Services offered in Vaughan Ontario.

Want to Improve Your Squat? Work on That Ankle Mobility! “How do I increase the depth of my squat?” The squat is not only an extremely effective, full-body exercise (if done correctly) but also a valuable tool in determining dysfunction (tight muscles, imbalances, compensations, etc.) In order to squat well …

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Dry Needling Benefits

Benefits of Dry Needling for Muscle Activation What is Dry Needling? Dry needling involves inserting a very thin needle through the skin to stimulate a trigger point. It can release tight muscle bands or “knots” within a muscle that can cause pain over a large area. Sometimes these trigger points can …

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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

PELVIC HEALTH PHYSIOTHERAPY & EXERCISE INCONTINENCE Pelvic Health Physiotherapy is a growing topic and you may want to consider it if during your workout you have ever leaked urine especially when you lift heavy weights, do jumping jacks, or jump rope. Pelvic Health Physiotherapy may also be beneficial for you …

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